ScareFest 8
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September 11-13, 2015

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ScareFest Fans & Friends:
As owner of this thriving & growing Independently Owned Convention, I wanted to reach out to each and every one of you personally to tell you what a fabulous impact you each have on the overall success of ScareFest, and how amazed I am at all of your sincere, honest and loving support for our show.  Reaching out to each person is almost impossible, so please accept this open letter as my personal extension to you in expressing my gratitude and love.

Being independently owned, we have the MOST flexibility and freedom to bring EACH and every fan’s experience into consideration for every show.  Because we are an independent, locally owned, “mom & pop” business; 100% of the revenue from our shows stays within the local community.  Your undying support of this convention is proof that independently owned businesses are alive and well and flourishing in this vast corporate economy.  The convenience of working with an independent convention in the national media and marketplace, is that you can always reach out to the owners, administrators and organizers of our convention and receive direct information, straight from the source; and issues that arise are dealt with personally and privately.   We proudly wear our title of  ”The Largest Independently Owned Horror & Paranormal Convention in the U.S.”, and will continue to bring you a professional and amazing show each year; with some of the happiest and most appreciative convention fans around.

Now that the dust has settled, and the fiscal books are closed on ScareFest 7, it is with GREAT EXCITEMENT and pride that I can report to all of you that we had a record-breaking, hugely successful show! Again, we could have only done that with all of your fan support, and with the highly supportive celebrity friends, staff,  volunteers and business associates that we work with each year.

We integrated several large and important changes this year in regards to logistics, after receiving feedback from fans like you who were tired of being crammed together in elbow to elbow tightly packed conventions, with little to no room for comfort.  The change we implemented in wider aisles, larger entrance with dealer area beginning further back, and taking comfort and accessibility of fan experience into account over stacking vendor booths together, made a HUGE difference in the overall “feel” and ease of visiting ScareFest. We also work with many non-profit agencies each year who have reported to us that lack of accommodation for their wheelchair bound clients are the biggest reason many fans choose not to attend conventions in general.   We were overwhelmed with  vendor and fan feedback on how easy it was to navigate our show floor this year.

Another change this year was a move to a more integrative and efficient approach to our ticket sales.  Utilizing this new system allowed us to alleviate our fans of long wait times at the ticket counter even with increased ticket sales well above over last year’s numbers!  Fan feedback is by far the most important tool that we use in regards to making changes to any of our processes because fan experience is our #1 goal of this convention.

Next year, we are looking at a fresh approach!  We are excited to announce that SCAREFEST 8 will take place September 11-13, 2015, at the Lexington Convention Center!  We have invested greatly in ramping up our business processes and creating a team of amazing professionals to bring you the BEST ScareFest to date! In the months ahead,  we will be asking for feedback, and we appreciate and use your responses for the betterment of this fan-inspired show.  Please reach out by visiting the Contact Us page at any time.  Again, my sincerest Thanks, and many blessings to all of you amazing supporters of ScareFest!

Patti and Chuck Starr