ScareFest, it’s not just a convention…. It’s a Thrill Seeking Quest

The official opening to ScareFest on Friday, September 12th, will start out with a grand Black Carpet arrival of the celebrities. There will be photographers and TV news cameras from all over Kentucky to capture the stars’ arrivals for the media to show on the 6:00 news. Once the celebrities and speakers have entered ScareFest, the Platinum and Golden Ticket holders will continue on the Black Carpet into ScareFest for their one hour pre-show arrival.

The new extended space now includes a 82,000 square foot area where ScareFest Con will house over 200 different and unique dealers offering the strange and bizarre in the horror theme, along with the weird and unusual mystic items from the paranormal and metaphysical merchants. Some offer unique experiences like closing you up in a coffin, or letting you hold very large creepy bugs, or being electrocuted in an electric chair, or drawing you as a zombie, or taking a picture of the color aura around you.

During all three days of ScareFest there will be FREE seminars, workshops, panels, and a top-notch magic show for your enjoyment and entertainment.

If you are in the mood for more horror fun, you can join the staff of ghouls and 10 foot tall monsters at the Wicked World attraction. It is only 6 miles down the road to this haunted attraction where you can get your scream on. Speaking of screams… ScreamPark is just a block away from the Lexington Center, and it offers 3 haunted events with slider zombies and vampires sliding up alongside of you. The tickets have been discounted from both places for the ScareFest 6 fans.

The ScareFest is proud to announce the return of The Portal. This event features something for everyone. The Portal offers Scarefest attendees the chance to experience programming tracts from gaming and cosplay to fantasy, sci-fi and even pop culture. The Portal is a dynamic, multi-genre event. Once the gateway has opened; fans can expand their ScareFest weekend by participating in gaming tournaments, meeting pop culture celebrities, shopping from an even wider array of unique vendors, or catching seminars on topics such as Role Playing, Costume Design or Special FX. The Portal is the gateway to the ultimate fan experience–YOUR ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!

The weekend includes the Platinum/Golden VIP Party, being held at HighTop Bar and hosted by Patti Starr. There will be drink specials for our fans and stars at the cash bar. The atmosphere at HighTop is amazing, with a u-shape bar for quick service drinks while visiting with all the other fans and stars. The VIP Party time and location will be announced very soon. You must be 21 or older to attend.

Saturday starts all over again with much of the same as Friday; so you can go to the dealers, seminars, panels, workshops, film previews, and other shows you might have missed on Friday. We have so much to offer that it might take hours, or even days of fun to go through everything.

Since ScareFest 7 is all about fun and fantasy, feel free to promenade the aisles in your favorite character costume from your favorite movie, show or book. Meet with the stars and producers in your ghoulish best, and maybe you too will be discovered for a future horror flick.

If you don’t want to wear your costume during the day; you can return with your guise and join the Costume Ball, FREE to our ScareFest fans. The Costume Ball will be on Saturday, September 13. Will you be the one to win the best costume? Location ad time to be announced.

After you leave the Costume Ball, you have other options to choose from. The Kentucky Theatre is playing horror movies from midnight until 2:00 am; and then there will be a ghost hunt of the haunted theater after the movie. The theater has discounted their tickets for all ScareFest Con fans.

Once Sunday arrives, you will still get to choose from many different events to enjoy on the last day. This is also a time to get last shots with your favorite stars and phone numbers and emails from new friends you made while at ScareFest 7. We hope you will fill out our questionnaire so we will know what you liked the best and what you would like to see happen for next year at ScareFest 8.

After you leave for home, you will have created unforgettable memories at this year’s ScareFest 7. We hope that after all the fun you had at ScareFest 7, you will make ScareFest your Vacation Destination for 2015. Don’t forget to post all your fun and extraordinary experiences of ScareFest 7 on FaceBook and Twitter.

To buy your tickets to ScareFest 7 and other events please click here.